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About RatsoMusic

RatsoMusic is a community where you can connect with other music lovers to collaborate, exchange ideas and share knowledge. A platform for who wants to learns the basics of playing guitar, drum masters’ technique, etc.. is the premise of our website.

Besides, RatsoMusic also provides the latest and most in-depth information about guitar, drum and other music-related products. Our specialists put tens of thousands of products to the test every year in our labs and acre auto testing track.

How we reviews

Product reviews can be a tricky thing. Every reviewer has another design and distinct means of assessing a product, and that’s the reason why no two reviews of the identical product could possibly read exactly the same. In RatsoMusic we’ve assembled a reviews program that tries to emphasise our reviews without abandoning the uniqueness of every one of our reviewers.

Our reviews are first and foremost based on real-life expertise using this product. They’re firmly based round the reviewer’s experience of using the product to get a significant quantity of time; they’re never written from a spec sheet or even a fleeting encounter with this product. No matter the product is — guitars, basses, drums, keys, strings, etc. — we all attempt to operate it into our daily lives and provide the reader an image of this product in the actual world.

In many instances we crossbreed that anecdotal experience with systematic (or artificial ) benchmarks, particularly in the domain of functionality and battery lifetime. A number of the evaluations are used industry wide (Magnetic Magazine, Under The Radar, Rock Sound Magazine, etc.) with the exception of this RatsoMusic Test.

About me

My name is Demarcus M. Greiner and I was born and raised in the mid-seventies on the flat country near Stamford. In 1995 I moved to Manhattan, one year later to New York City. There I live with my wife and my two children.

From the age of twelve, I received classical lessons from the guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Two years later, I work on playing the electric guitar on the side and self-taught and is part of various rock band constellations.

Since 2004 I have been giving private guitar lessons and since 2005 I have been a lecturer for classical and electric guitar at the New York Guitar Academy. In the years 2006-2010, I study at the New York City Guitar School in the subject “classical guitar”.

After completing studies and obtaining a diploma as an instrumental teacher, I completed a further training course in the field of jazz guitar, similar to a course of studies, with the – beyond this scene – renowned guitarist Chuck Berry.

My guitar playing today moves in the broad field of pop and is infused and inspired by influences from the worlds of jazz, rock and classical music.

Later I was addicted to dark metal. Years later Carter USM, Pop Will Eat Itself, Jesus Jones followed. Then the electronic stuff. Techno, Warp stuff, Ambient. Today I listen mainly to Indie, Shoegaze, Dream-Pop, Folk, Post-Rock and Electronica.


“Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other in the integration of the human being because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the Soul on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the Soul of him who is rightly educated truly graceful.”

John “Ratso” Gerardi

Guitarist John “Ratso” Gerardi, founder and owner of Lenox School of Music, has been a teacher, singer/songwriter and performer for over 48 years. As owner of the Indie recording label Riff Rat Records™, Ratso has produced or co-produced original recordings and several debut albums of talented young artists. The father of one of his students said this about the impact of guitar lessons from Ratso: “Ratso’s lessons are life lessons.”

Chris Carter

Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and teacher, Chris Carter has performed in nightclubs, concerts and festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe leading his own group, The Chris Carter Band, or backing such legendary artists as Solomon Burke, Lester Chambers (of The Chambers Brothers), Chubby Checker, The Drifters, Eddie Floyd, Roy Gaines, The Ink Spots, Johnnie Johnson, Earl King, The Marvelettes, and many, many more.