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Here lies 2002-2011.

No, I reassure you, Pop-Rock is not going to disappear completely in the darkness of the web. No matter what happens, our eight years of work will not go by the wayside: our imposing and patiently accumulated content will always remain available for consultation. But while we wait for the day when Pop-Rock will eventually rise from its ashes, Pop-Rock stops.

Like the greatest rock bands that sometimes need to split up to make their next comeback more successful, Pop-Rock has come to the end of a cycle. The latest formula, built around four faithful volunteer servants, has shown its limits. It’s time to cut costs.

The weakness of this latest incarnation of Pop-Rock was that it had no long-term unemployed, single and preferably geeky and asocial people in its ranks; nor did it have any Walloon civil servants who had the time to write during their office hours.
Our careers, our children, our families, our travels, our busy social lives, not to mention our hobbies far from the internet, all this currently prevents us from keeping up with the pace we had set for ourselves. Add to this a certain weariness with the unfailing hostility of the loudest fringe of the readership, and you can see why we want to move on.

I thank Vincent, Arnaud and YĆ» for having shared their passion for music with us for so long. Good wind friends!

I will probably continue to give you news and share my favorites and hits via my blog, and I have no doubt that I’ll soon be working on a follow-up to Pop-Rock…

In the meantime, thank you for reading us.