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Ratso Live!

7/26 - 6:30PM to 8:30PM - Darien Concert Series
8/31 - Ratso & Jimmy K - 9:00PM to Midnight
The Little Goose
397 Commerce Drive
Fairfield, CT
9/21 - Ratso & Scott Spray - 9:00PM to Midnight
The Little Goose
397 Commerce Drive
Fairfield, CT

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Ratso's Tale

John "Ratso" Gerardi

Almost Five Decades

For over 48 years, Ratso has been an enduring presence and lively fixture on the Fairfield County music scene as a performer, singer/songwriter, record producer, and teacher.


In the Beginning

Ratso made his professional debut at 11 years of age. At 14, he opened for the super group Rhinoceros and Junior Wells and the All-Stars. Self-taught his first 15 years, at 22 he began formal study with Jazz great Sal Salvador, his mentor for 25 years, then in the mid-1970s became a teacher himself. In 1996, he built Lenox Sound Recording Studio.

Into the Future

Ratso has released six albums and is the author of the instructional book, The Blues Bible (Riff Rat Music), a primer on the art of playing blues guitar. Dubbed by a local reporter as "a workingman's musical institution," Ratso remains true to the moniker, currently juggling live appearances, teaching, recording and producing other artists. .

Blues Bible, Music, Equipment

John Gerardi's first book, "The Blues Bible," a primer on the art of playing blues guitar. A guide through exercises designed to develop technique. Bending, hammer-ons, trills, scale and arpeggio studies, chords and riffs are examples of techniques that, when mastered, will help you find your personal touch playing the blues.     $16.99 + $2.99 sh     Buy Now

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  Whatever It Takes, the debut release from Ratso.     $8.99 + $2.50 sh     Buy Now

  Silent Witness captures Ratso's dynamic, live playing for the first time on a studio production.     $8.99 + $2.50 sh     Buy Now

  Water Rising   Ratso shines on 12 originals. Featuring, Ratso's Full Blown Blues Band.     $8.99 + $2.50 sh     Buy Now

  Ratso Live, Rattled, recorded live at Curtain Call, Sterling Farms Theater Complex.     $8.99 + $2.50 sh     Buy Now

  With Blues From The Red Planet MARS PROJECT creates a powerhouse of rockin' blues.     $8.99 + $2.50 sh     Buy Now

  ARC   Ratso, Dennis Dunaway, Jimmy Kunes and Russ Wilson. American Rock Celebration.     $8.99 + $2.50 sh     Buy Now

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